Monash District Scouts

Scouting in the City of Monash, Victoria, Australia
Meeting each week in Mount Waverley, Glen Waverley, Clayton, Oakleigh, Clarinda, Ashwood & Mulgrave


Posted at 12/12/13 - 12:10 PM

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Author: andrew

Rover Scouts (18-26 years)


Rovers is the culmination of the scouting program, where they are semi autonomus and have self determination. what does that all mean? they get to run the show. Rovers meet in crews, with a number of Group crews and a district crew operating in the city of Monash.

Rovers run and govern their own section all the way up to the National level. but on top of that they still do lots of awesome activites, including major camps, fancy dress balls, motor sport activites, adventours activites and much more. As a Rover most activites and adventours persuits are available to you and what the crew does is up to the crew.

so you want to know more about rovers? Visit or for more information or contact your local crew!