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1st Mount Waverley Cub Scouts

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History of 1st Mount Waverley

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1st Mount Waverley Cub Scout Pack came into being in October 1996 as a result of 8th and 10th Waverley Cub Scout Packs merging. Members from 3rd Waverley Cub Scout Pack joined in April 1997 and Cub Scouts from 2nd/5th Waverley Pack transferred into the Pack in June 1998 after their Groups closed.

The Groups that made up 1st Mount Waverley were:
[10th Waverley Scarf]
[8th Waverley Scarf]
[3rd Waverley Scarf]
[2nd/5th Waverley Scarf]
10th Waverley
8th Waverley
3rd Waverley
2nd/5th Waverley

Merged in 1996

Joined 1997

Joined 1998

[1st Mount Waverley Scarf]

1st Mount Waverley History

Waverley is an aging area with fewer young people than in the 1960s/70s. There are currently three groups in an area that used to have nine full groups with waiting lists.
By the beginning of 1996 both
8th Waverley and 10th Waverley were small groups so discussions began on the future of the groups. In the Valley Reserve area there were three Scout groups occupying two Scout halls, one of which was to be demolished due to safety concerns. The leaders of 8th Waverley decided that it would be more beneficial to the youth members to merge with another group so discussions were held with 10th Waverley and a solution was found that suited all of the groups concerned. This involved the 8th Waverley members moving to Orchard Street which allowed the remaining two Valley Reserve groups (1st Waverley and 4th/11th) to share the one hall and allow the other hall to be demolished.
The combined Group Council decided that we would start the new group afresh with a new name and break with the tradition of combining former group names (especially as 8th/10th Waverley sounded awkward) As we were the first new group to be formed since Mount Waverley district was formed it was decided to name the group 1st Mount Waverley.
                        See also: 10th Waverley      8th Waverley      3rd Waverley      2nd/5thWaverley

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[10th Waverley Scarf]

10th Waverley 1963 - 1996

10th Waverley Scout Group was registered on 11th November 1963 during the population boom in the Waverley area. The Group initially met in the St Andrew's Anglican Church hall in The Boulevard, Glen Waverley. The Group scarf of maroon with a yellow band was unchanged throughout the group's history. The Scout hall on the corner of Orchard and Cherry Streets was opened on 30th July 1972 and is the main hall used by 1st Mount Waverley. 10th Waverley merged with 8th Waverley in October 1996 to form 1st Mount Waverley.

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[8th Waverley Scarf]

8th Waverley 1962 - 1996

8th Waverley Scout Group was registered on 1st April 1962 during the population boom in Waverley. The first Pack meeting was on 13th March 1962 at the 4th Waverley Scout Hall in Wills Avenue, Mount Waverley. (The hall was demolished during 1999-2000). The first 8th Waverley Scout Troop meeting was on 16th April 1962 in the Mount Waverley Progress Hall on the corner of Virginia St and Stephenson's Road where the Safeway carpark is now located. The Troop met in several halls and even a barn until the 8th West Waverley Scout Hall was opened on 27th November 1965 in Valley Reserve, Wills Avenue, Mount Waverley (across the road from 4th Waverley). The original Group scarf was maroon with an emerald green band.

Due to the rapid growth of Scouting in Waverley during the early 1960s, the District was divided into Waverley and West Waverley Districts in 1964 with the boundary being Lawrence Road. As a result of this change 8th Waverley became 8th West Waverley and the gold braid was added to the edge of the group scarf. Scouting continued to grow so in 1970 the part of Waverley District to the east of a line between Blackburn Road and Springvale Road formed Glen Waverley District and the western boundary of Waverley District was moved to Stephenson's Road / Forster Road.

As 8th West Waverley was inside the revised Waverley District boundaries, they wished to return to their original name of 8th Waverley, but a new group named 8th Waverley had been established in the meantime. After much discussion it was agreed that 8th West Waverley would become 8th Waverley again and the new 8th Waverley would become 7th Waverley. At about the same time 10th West Waverley, which shared the 8th West Waverley hall, became 1st Waverley.

The last meeting of 8th Waverley Cub Pack at Valley Reserve was held on 17th September 1996 before the Pack moved to Orchard Street and merged with 10th Waverley in October 1996 to form 1st Mount Waverley. The former 8th Waverley Scout hall is now occupied by 1st Waverley and 4th/11th Waverley, known collectively as Valley Reserve Scouts.

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[5th Waverley Scarf]

5th Waverley 1960 - 1993

In 1960, due to the number of boys keen to become Cubs, it was decided to start a Cub Pack in the Syndal area. The new group was to be named 5th Mulgrave, Oakleigh District. A Leader and 8 Cubs who lived in Syndal transferred from 1st Mulgrave (later renamed 1st Waverley then 1st Glen Waverley) to found the new group. The group scarf was chosen to be Maroon with Royal Blue and Yellow bands.

The first meeting of 5th Mulgrave Cub Pack was held at the St James Church of England hall in Mott Court, Syndal on 29th April 1960. The group was officially registered on 1st August 1960. In 1961 Waverley District was formed and the group name was changed to 5th Waverley. In March 1961, a Scout troop was formed with six boys from the Syndal area who were also members of 1st Mulgrave. A Senior Scout Troop was started on 8th February 1962 and a Rover Crew was formed in October 1965.

In February 1962 a local landowner agreed to lease land in Orchard Street for the Groupís use and approval was obtained to build a temporary hall until a permanent site was made available by the Council. Much of the material for this hall was obtained from a house that was donated to the group for demolition and labour was provided by parents. This temporary hall was ready for occupation in September 1962. A new steel garage was provided for storage of equipment but on 8th December a fire started by vandals completely destroyed the contents of the garage and parents committee had to re-equip the Pack and Troop with all their equipment including new tents, ropes, balls and other vital equipment. The patrol boxes, tables, trestles and forms were all made by parents and Leaders. In 1963 land in Orchard Street was set aside by the Council for the use of 5th Waverley Scout Group and plans for a Scout hall were submitted. After many years of hard work by parents and Leaders the 5th Waverley Scout Hall on the corner of Orchard and Cherry Street was opened on 21st September 1969 by Sir Rohan Delacombe, Governor and Chief Scout of Victoria. The hall was extended in 1972 to accommodate the new 2nd Waverley group.

The Badge on the back of the scarf was introduced on the 25th anniversary of the group. The only other group in Waverley with a badge on its scarf was 4th Waverley (1956 to 1993)

5th Waverley merged with 2nd Waverley, which shared the same hall, to become 2nd/5th Waverley in 1993.

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[3rd Waverley Scarf]

3rd Waverley 1965 - 1997

3rd Waverley Scout Group was registered on 1/3/1965.
Land was reserved in Orchard Street for a separate Scout Hall for the group but at the time Waverley District was trying to economise and build 'duplex' halls to accommodate two groups in each hall. After discussions it was decided to added a new wing onto the north end of the
10th Waverley Scout hall instead of building their own.

The group closed in April 1997 and the former members joined 1st Mount Waverley.

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[2nd/5th Waverley Scarf]

2nd/5th Waverley 1993 - 1998

2nd Waverley and 5th Waverley merged in 1993 to form 2nd/5th Waverley. The new scarf was the former 5th Waverley Scarf with the addition of the green and yellow edging from the 2nd Waverley Scarf. By 1998 the group consisted of only a Cub Pack and the resignation of two of the three remaining Leaders resulted in the group closing. The remaining Cub Scouts transferred to 1st Mount Waverley Cub Scout Pack in June 1998. The former 2nd/5th Waverley Scout hall is still administered by 1st Mount Waverley and is hired permanently to a local martial arts group.

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[2nd Waverley Scarf]

2nd Waverley 1973 - 1993

On 25th September 1972 a parents meeting was held to consider the viability of forming a new Scout Group. It was decided to name the group 2nd Waverley as the former Scout Group of the same name located in Lum Road had just moved to the new Glen Waverley District. The Cub Pack commenced in March 1973 with a full Pack of 24 Cubs and 3 Leaders. Several years later the 5th Waverley Scout Hall was extended to accomodate the new Group. In 1993, 2nd Waverley merged with 5th Waverley to become 2nd/5th Waverley.

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